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Mortgages and finance

Mortgages and Finance

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We remove property buying barriers and make it easier for you to get a mortgage. Our team support you through the finance and lending process regardless of whether you are a first–home buyer, or an investor or looking to refinance.  We also assist with business and personal finance.

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Home Loans

​Your home loan is a large and often long-term financial commitment, so it makes sense to get it right first time. What's right for you will depend on a range of factors including the size of the loan you require, the property you intend to purchase, the deposit you have and your lifestyle.

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First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer, to find a good home loan you should investigate both your home loan options and Government grants and entitlements you may be eligible for. With interest rates still low and property becoming more affordable, first home buyers may be in a better buying position than previously.

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Many people refinance to get a better rate, consolidate debt, renovate or free up equity. If you're thinking of refinancing, it's important to weigh up the cost of refinancing against the long term benefits.

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Investment Loans

​There’s a lot to know about investments, such as how to choose the best investment loan that meets your needs and goals. A good investment loan can make property investment a much smoother process.

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Often, self-employed borrowers find meeting the lending criteria for standard home loans difficult. Business cash-flows create income that fluctuates more significantly than other borrowers. Business owners looking for home and business loans do have competitive loan options available to them.

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Land and Construction Loans

​A land and construction loan provides funding for building property or extensive renovations so you have the lowest possible repayments during the construction phase.

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Personal Loans

​You might want to go on a holiday, buy new furniture, pay for a course or medical expenses, or even plan your wedding. A personal loan is a good way to get the extra funds you need. Find out more about the types of personal loans which may be available to you.

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Commercial and Business Loans

​As we have relationships with a range of business and commercial lending specialists and major banks, our advisers are able to assist with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, purchase or refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices or cash flow lending.

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Bridging Loans

​As the name suggests, a bridging loan ‘bridges the gap’ between two home loans. Bridging home loans are a good way to buy a new property before the sale of your existing home.

Contact our finance team
Bob Llewellyn, Financial and mortgage advisor

Bob Llewellyn

Financial & Mortgage Adviser

FSP No: 99484

Dawn Toughey, Financial and mortgage advisor

Dawn Toughey

Financial & Mortgage Adviser

FSP No: 585888

Our Banks and Lending Partners
Our lending partners

ANZ, ASAP Finance, ASB, Avanti Finance, Bank of China, Basecorp, BNZ, Cressida Capital, DBR, First Mortgage Trust, Funding Partners, Heartland Bank (Reverse Mortgages), Kiwibank, Liberty, NZCU, Pepper Money, Plus Finance, Prospa, Resimac, SBS, Southern Cross Partners, The Co-Operative Bank, Westpac

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